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Can we talk about how women are treated in the medical industry for a second?
Not by society or MRAs or politicians or the media but by DOCTORS.

Yesterday my aunt told me that she went to the doctor for a standard check up and he said as she was 45 she probably wasn’t planning on having more kids, right? My aunt agreed.
Doctor: Shall I schedule you for a hysterectomy then?

Shall I remove your uterus because you’re not planning on using it any more?

Because a woman’s body is a smartphone and the womb is the baby making app that you should uninstall when you’re done using it.

A woman is a not a whole. She is a collection of parts. Upgrade the boobs, delete the superfluous uterus.

And if you think I am being ridiculously oversenstive, let me ask you this:
How many middleaged men who don’t want children are offered a vasectomy by their doctor?